Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct here describes what we would expect from members and staff alike when it comes to community interaction. That is, any interaction you have with other members on the site, be it the forums, chat box, your public rabbitry page, any shop or trade description, or private messages. We require that all players read and understand this Code of Conduct, and by continuing to use Lucky Lapine you are agreeing to abide by these rules and guidelines. Additionally, please make sure to read our Terms of Service. Please be aware that breaking any of these rules, even if you are unaware of them, may result in your account losing privileges with regards to the chat box, forums, or even your entire account - so please make sure you are fully aware of what is and isn't allowed.

1) Conduct on the site

By agreeing to the term of service, you agree and understand that you are subject to and to conduct yourself in accordance with the follow guidelines, as well as in accordance with the chat and forum regulations. You agree that you are accountable for any contents posted to Lucky Lapine under your account ID and understand that any violations may result in account warnings, suspension or IP banning. You agree not to use the forum/chat/rabbitry page or any other function of Lucky Lapine for the following:

a) For any unlawful purposes that directly or indirectly violates national or international laws.
b) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any materials that are obscene, illegal, offensive, religious, political, sexist, sexual, racist, derogatory or slanderous. Also including is content related to murder, suicide, eating disorders (discussing and promoting), self-harming, and excessive discussing of sexual orientation (including bashing of orientation), terrorism, porn, blackmail, gore or hacking.
c) To post, mention, allude to or discuss puberty, sex, sexual innuendo, self-harm (including cutting, eating disorders and suicide), illegal substances, and alcohol or drug abuse.
d) To post, mention, allude to or discuss murder (humans, animals), slaughter (humans, animals), including, but not limited to discussing culling rabbits for fur and meat.
e) To deliberately post antagonizing content for the sole purpose of causing discomfort, start a discussion or a flame war.
f) Bully, harass or other general rudeness towards players based on how they play the game. This includes, but is not limited to posting just to ridicule them.
g) Bully, harass or other general rudeness towards players based on how they keep rabbits in real life. This includes, but is not limited to posting just to ridicule them.
h) Understand that any items, pets, other game perks sold, traded or otherwise changed ownership in game belongs to the new owner and you have given up the rights for what happens with it.
Lucky Lapine also strongly discourage discussions of personal issues, seeking advices or other related to the mentioned natures, as well as to illnesses and similar topics.
Lucky Lapine is not the place for this, and we suggest that you instead contact local doctor, support group, adults you trust or family members. The chance that someone is qualified to give proper advice, is low and may be even cause more harm then good.

We provide a facility that enables users to send private messages to others, post on a public forum and use an quick sidebar chat. Users must not use these facilities to send unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, whether or not for commercial purposes.

If a forum post on the boards appear to be in violation of these terms you should refrain from posting on it and report it immediately via the in-game Modbox (
Any player issues should be addressed to a moderator directly over private messages or through our contact form (, and not in public on the boards or rabbitry page.
Sometimes the chat moves fast, or people simply do not have the time to read and reply to your posts. We ask that users please be patient with their threads in the forums, or to direct their questions to the helpers in the Modbox instead of getting angry about lack of replies to their posts. At no point is anyone on the site obligated to give a reply within a certain timeframe, if at all.
Members may not post advertisements to other Browser-Based games, start up discussion threads about other Browser-Based games, plan other Browser-Based games on Lucky Lapine forums, nor can members discuss other Browser-Based games in Lucky Lapine Quick Chat.
Scamming another user within the game is not allowed and may result in a full removal of your account privileges. Scamming includes, but is not limited to, deliberately misleading another user with false advertising.

Users may not discuss any in-game punishments awarded to other players anywhere on the site.

2) Community

Lucky Lapine prides itself on its knowledgeable, friendly, good natured, fun and open community. We encourage our players to be respectful, show courtesy and politeness to everyone. We will not tolerate repeated rudeness or accept offensive or foul behavior from our members.

Offensive and foul behavior includes, but not limited to sarcastic, aggressive or heavily opinioned behavior to the point where it makes other members uncomfortable, and/or causes conflicts on a regularly basis. We do not wish to censor anybody's thoughts or opinions, but attempt to maintain and regulate a friendly and open atmosphere on Lucky Lapine where members can enjoy the game without fear of a personal attack, or feel uncomfortable due to content they've seen.

Lucky Lapine has a strict no bully policy, and has no tolerance for harassment of other users in any forms, this includes (but not limits to): public blacklisting, name calling (including N00b, noobs and other offensive terms for newer players), publically humiliation, attempts to destroy the reputation of someone, and trolling topics on the message boards.

Players of Lucky Lapine come from all over the world, with a variety of various and different cultures. Including but not limited to different views on animal husbandry, raising rabbits and similar. We ask therefor that even if someone does things differently, to show respect and understanding that things might be different where they are from.
We will not permit any kind of intentionally antagonizing behavior with intention of starting a flame war or causing discomfort on the forum or chat.

3) Posted and Submitted content by users

Lucky Lapine will not be held responsible for the action of its players, including but not limited to user-made posts on forum, private messages, however Lucky Lapine will assist and take action against them should any illegal activity be conducted on the site. Lucky Lapine is not responsible for external links or images posted by users which breaks the copyright laws, but will assist in removing and punishing the user.
a) You are not allowed to post, distribute or pass off any work which is not their own, or without the copyright holder's permission. This includes, but not limits the use of images for tags, the use of artwork on rabbitry pages and posts on the forum.

b) Displaying artwork on your tag and/or rabbitry page must either be your own work or you must have permission to use this from the original artist and can provide proof of said permission should it be inquired by Lucky Lapine Staff members.

c) Using copyrighted characters (such as Pokémon, anime, movie characters etc.) that are not your own as tag and/or on rabbitry page is not allowed and may be removed by staff if discovered. This includes, but not limits to official and fan art of said character.

d) Fan characters based on, but not limited to - Pokémon, other animes, other cartoons, movie characters etc are allowed with the premise of proper credit is provided if inquired by Lucky Lapine Staff members.

e) Displaying artwork on your tag and/or rabbitry page must either be your own work or you must have permission to use this from the original artist and proof of said permission should it be inquired by Lucky Lapine Staff members.